We Can & We Will – Amanda Delaney


We Can & We Will is build around five key areas of  life, to support and Help You grow.

Established in 2016, we have worked with many individuals from all back grounds.


We are committed to supporting individuals as they increase confidence and skills to live a more fulfilled life and business. To continue our own learning in order to teach, reach and serve others, with integrity and transparency.

Our Vision:

Over the next 5 years, We Can & We Will will be the most resourceful, dedicated, loyal & supporting high trust networking and lifestyle community.

How Can we Help?

Masterminding: COMING SOON! Be part of our entrepreneurs online masterminding group. Your time is valuable, network, brainstorm and expand your network through referrals from your desktop or smart phone.

Public Speaking: Every 6 weeks, we run a free light networking & public speaking event. Which are kindly supported by Bank Of Ireland.  These events offer a warm welcoming, relaxed and valuable experience for all who attend.  Each of our speaker has 10 minutes to share their story on business, life, social.

Fitness: Ladies Fitness programme. This is offered in a very safe & friendly environment. With training & guidance we will enable you to build gym confidence and build strength from within. Each class is 45 minutes.

Exclusive Workshop: We provide intimate workshops, in all areas of business and personal growth, these events are mainly by personal invite and group size will be no larger than 15 people max.

Learn & Lunch: Book Amanda for a lunch time talk, she will share with your staff top tips and best practices to maintaining a healthy mindset and body for better work life performance.

We Can & We Will, are here for you!

Please do not hesitate to use our services and make the Visions become Reality!

Contact: Amanda Delaney:  Founder
Email: wecan1wewill@gmail.com
Tel: +353 87 794 5015